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All the boxes you need to check to receive a
grant with the Big Green DAO.

Corporate Eligibility Requirements

Some organizations do not have growing food as their primary mission, however, they do have specific projects or program that do. These projects could be eligible for funding if the following criteria apply. 

  • If all of the previous criteria apply, and:
  • The project or program is established and includes dedicated budget line items related to growing food.
  • You will track impact of your program participants that relates to how growing food impacted change.
  • If someone told you that you could not have any edible plants… you could not deliver on this program or project!

This is a list of projects or organizations that are doing important work in the food space, but are not a match for Big Green DAO grants in 2023:

  • School garden programs (exception: gardening or urban agriculture IS the program)
  • Advocacy or umbrella organizations (encourage the organization you support to apply directly)
  • Entities that want to “add a garden” to their site.
  • Food distribution projects (unless directly connected to some other project that directly grows food or supports people to do so)

At ABC YOUTH RISE we operate summer leadership programs that use two urban farms as our primary classroom. Youth attend the farm daily over a 4 week period for horticulture instruction, leadership development, entrepreneurial coaching. Students are responsible for tending the crops on the farm, harvesting, preparing for market, and supporting the distribution of food within the community.

Eligible? YES! Although the organizational mission primarily relates to leadership development, urban farming is central to the execution of that program. This organization could not fulfill their mission without growing food!


At XYZ VETERANS PROJECT, we provide mental health care and other resources for veterans. We are planning to install a garden with sensory elements on our rooftop to bring the mental health benefits of gardening to our clients.

Eligible? No. While this is an amazing way to use plants and gardens, growing food is not central to the mission of this organization, so we must assess it on the project level. In that case, the garden in question could be growing anything, from sensory/aromatic plants to succulents! Food, or edible plants, are not central to the project’s successful delivery. Finally, the organization is seeking to “add a garden” to their space.


Tax Classification – an organization must meet one of the requirements of Section 170(c)(2)(B) of the Internal Revenue Code (“Code”):

Fiscally Sponsored Organizations: If you are a nonprofit organization who does not yet have 501c3 status and your fiscal sponsor meets the following minimum requirements, you are eligible to apply: